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How do you get approved on CPA Networks?

How do you get approved on CPA Networks?


Being a part of a CPA Network is not just like signing up for a free membership. You will need to be accepted as a publisher to start promoting CPA offers and get their easy to make commissions.

CPA Networks care about their advertisers. The commissions paid to publishers are high, so these networks have to make sure the advertisers, which happen to be important companies, get the highest quality traffic possible, and they can make sure of that by what kind of online marketers they approve into their network.

Rest assured that the following tips are consistently used by CPA Marketing experts to get approved onto this networks. I can’t tell you that getting approved on CPA networks is a piece of cake and don’t think it is rocket science. It’s just about you getting to know some really important tips that will help you get approved into the majority of them.



Don’t worry if you don’t get accepted: please do not worry if you only get accepted in just a few CPA Networks. Just remember that there are a lot of great CPA Networks out there willing to work with you. You just need to keep on looking to get approved on others and trust me; you will get approved on many of them. Remember CPA Networks need you more than you need them.

Be confident: CPA Networks want to make sure you know what you are doing, they want to know you understand what affiliate marketing is, what online marketing is; they want to know if you have the correct idea of what high-quality traffic is all about and where you can get it from.

Don’t be a slacker affiliate: CPA Networks want to make sure you are not an affiliate marketer that will go and buy a million clicks for a buck and then kill their conversion rate, or a spammer ticking off potential clients downgrading the quality of the offer. Just keep in mind that there are all kinds of traffic and high quality is what they are looking for.

What niches are you interested in? This will be a question they may ask you. This might be used to give them an idea of whether you know something about hot offers on the web. This will also tell them if they have those types of offers available in their network.



What traffic methods do you usually use? You must tell them what traffic methods you are going to use, that will show them you know what you are talking about. In this training, you will learn about some sources. Anyway, you can just say the methods they will ask you to use once you are approved which will be paid to advertise like PPC, PPV, Paid Social Advertising, and Email Marketing to your list, etc.

Be Honest: do not try to lie on the information you provide, you just need to know what to answer, but that doesn’t mean you will lie to them. Be honest in everything you tell them. Remember good actions always follow good results.
It’s a win-win situation here as well.



Be Professional: If you are not making money online, they will want to know if you have the potential to start making money. Show them that you are professional and that you are trying to build a long-term business relationship with them. Tell them you intend to respect their rules, terms of service and all specific terms described by the Advertisers of the Network.

Give them a call: this is something that will make a great impression on them. Just give them a call and tell them you just wanted to make sure they got your application. You can also try to contact them by Skype.



Install a Niche related blog: this is not mandatory but will make the approval process a lot easier. If you already have a blog full of high-quality content on a hot topic, that will be of immense help. There are all kinds of high-quality WordPress Niche Blogs that you can install in a few minutes, just make sure to install it on your domain name, that looks a lot more professional and tells them you have potential in the internet marketing world.

Give them your phone number: this is not mandatory either but will make the approval process a lot easier. Some CPA Networks will try to call you and make you answer a few questions about your experience with internet marketing. Just be honest and tell them you are seriously immersing into this, just in case you haven’t done a single penny online.


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