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Make Money Online with CPA Marketing Using LinkedIn

We don’t want to bore you with our details. Let’s just put this way, me and Gowtham have been doing IM for a while and have been making a very comfortable earning. Today we are here to share one of our very successful methods and the best thing is that it can’t really saturate. If you are creative enough, you are sure to bank hard with this method.

You could see proofs of traffic, earning for some our campaigns and let me tell you, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is one of our important revenue streams (along with our offline ventures). So we can guarantee that this works, but you need to take action.

Our Linkedin Cash Machine Blueprint provides both FREE & Paid Method to generate revenue through CPA, Product Sales and even custom services using the Worlds No 1 professional platform – LinkedIn.

If you are a newbie, please read the whole guide and if you are already making money or comfortable with CPA, Linkedin then feel free to skip in between.

For those who are new to CPA, we have given a broad overview of CPA and tips to get approved, if you need more information on CPA, there are some great WSO are available in this forum and the search is your friend.

We have used an example of the method to get a better understanding and reasons behind making certain choices.

Please understand that this is a methodology and like any methodology, you should make small twists to suit your campaigns.

We don’t believe in too much fluff and backstories, so straight to the point……


Make Money Online with CPA Marketing Using LinkedIn


1. Get CPA Network Membership

CPA – Cost Per Action or Pay Per Action

Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes also referred as Pay Per Action or PPA) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays the publisher for a specific completed action (a purchase, a form submission, a website visit and so on) linked to the advertisement.

In order to be a part of the CPA action, you need to be a member of a CPA network (a place where

advertisers and publishers meet).

Based on experience, I would recommend the following CPA networks (they have some great offers and account managers who ensure excellent support and timely payment)

CPA Preferred Network List (no affiliate links):

AdWorkMedia – Highly recommended
MaxBounty – Great CPA Network
CPALead – Great for content locking or incentive type offers (Highly recommended)
EWA Private Network – Private network!
Never blue – Cool interface, excellent reporting, and supports postback URLs.
CJ – Variety of offers, but mediocre pay terms and support.

Getting approved:

The best way to get approved into these networks is after registering, just pick up the phone and call them to follow up on the applications. This shows that you are motivated, before calling get the following typical questions, answer them confidently and you are bound to get approved.

  1. Do you have a website?
    It is better to get a decent website ready before applying (hint a simple WordPress), that makes you look professional and serious about this profession. Even a Landing page will do, the more professional it looks the better and it is up to you.
  2. What is your Traffic source?
    Typical Answer – I buy traffic (PPC) and I also do organic SEO (usually better not to mention things like social media). You might be asked about your landing pages, you could show them a page, which could take less than five minutes to design!
  3. How long are you doing Internet Marketing?

Typical Answer – More than 2 years (they usually don’t want newbies to spoil their reputation). Never say that you are just starting out, although some might be ok, some affiliate managers prefer people who have been in the industry for long.

4. Email – Try to have a domain based email e.g. –

These tips should help you to get through the approval process real quick.

2. Identify the best CPA offer and get the affiliate link

Now it’s time to select the most rewarding offer, you should do your research to pick the right

offer and this depends on the type of campaign you are planning to run.

My rule of thumb is, select a simple 1 page to submit for very simple campaigns and go up from there. For multiple pages submits or credit card submission your campaign need to deliver good value to get good conversion rates e.g. – Quality content, freebies (check with your AM first)

For our example, I have selected the following offer from

This offers me $18 base payout for every $2.95 10 day trial sign up and Increased payouts for if I deliver 25 leads per month 

Get the actual affiliate link for the landing page, in this case xxxxxx-xxxx29


3. Create a Bitly account

Bitly–In case if you are wondering what Bitly is, it simply helps you to shorten your links and it has some interesting analytics attached to it which will help you to see the effectiveness of your campaign.

Go to and create an account (you can shorten your link without creating the account too but you would be missing on the statistics part, which is quite useful in my opinion).


4. Create a short link from Bitly for your landing page

Now paste the actual link into the text box and click Shorten.

You will get a shortened link that looks like this

Save the link somewhere and we will need it soon


5. Register an account on Linkedin Linkedin:

It’s the worlds no 1 business-related social networking site. It is mainly used for professional networking. In my opinion it’s the most underrated and underutilized medium at the moment, but hey it’s good for us, too many low hanging fruits.

To just give you an idea it has about 120m+ professionals around the world as of August 4, 2011, it has professionals from all walks of life and quite a bunch of them are looking for work or ways to make more money (our precise target).

As you can see the chunk of them are from the US and most CPA companies have great offers for the US.

Now you can reach 120+ Million active professionals with a click of the button. You don’t need expensive software or lead generation techniques. The best thing about LinkedIn is you have an endless supply of targets in one location (so you don’t have to care about typical SEO stuff like article marketing, web 2.0, bookmarking), now it’s up to you to get the most out of it. Don’t worry I will give you some strategies that worked for me.

To start with you need to create an account in Linkedin, you can do it by visiting and start creating a profile.


6. Create your profile Profile creation Good practices:

  1. Write a detailed headline and include your picture, which increases the credibility of the profile.
  2. In the specialties, mention your key strengths (IM or non IM related)
  3. Change the default URL to reflect your name
  4. The point is to add as much as details as you can to your profile, which will increase the credibility and authority of your profile.


7. Beef up your LinkedIn profile

Pimping your profile:

Now it’s time to beef up the profile, you need 2 things for this:

  1. Connections – Having more connections could well give an impression that you are well connected and possibly a subject matter expert in your specialty. But getting connections could be a challenging task. Luckily we have Fiverr, check out this guy and he could fix you with 500+ connections in a day or two for $5 You can also use the following website (affiliate link) to gain quality
  2. Recommendations – Getting professional recommendations seals the deal most of the time, this adds immensely to the credibility part, again this could be quite challenging to get for some and luckily Fiverr is around. Check out this guy and he could provide 2 professional recommendations for $5

With everything we need is ready, it’s time to go for fishing.


8. Free method

• This method allows you to make some quick money without spending, to effectively bankroll you for the Paid method as it is where the big bucks can be made.

Method Overview:

  • Target specific (niches) LinkedIn groups and become recognized member Post your CPA links to the 
  • groups
  • Bank in


A. Identifying the best groups for targeting

Linkedin Groups:

Linkedin has a great feature called groups where like-minded professionals or professionals of same business interests engage.

The above graphic is just to give you an idea of how huge this really is, especially the posts and comments which means that it’s quite an active community which is great for us.

You need to search for the groups that are right for your campaign. To do that you need to click on the Groups menu to start the search.

For our campaign (paid writing jobs), I am using a keyword “Writing” and I can already see some interesting groups with the no of members (the more the better) for that keyword

Some groups require a formal approval to become a member and some don’t, so you might have to wait for a day or two to join some groups.

Once you become the member of the relevant groups, it’s time to show off.


B. Add value to the community and in effect increase your value

To begin with, start posting some useful information, tips, analysis or even give away freebies to create some name or reputation for yourself in the group.

This also helps to identify the potential topics/areas the group is interested on, so you can target relevant CPA offers.

After a day or two, it’s time to go for the kill.


C. MakingtheKill

Now it’s time post the CPA offers and Bank in. You can do this in 2 ways

  1. Post the links to your website or to a landing page (if you have one), which will lead to the CPA offer. The advantage is that you are getting traffic to your website which could have other interesting upsells, affiliate links to create even more sales opportunities. You can also set up a lead capture system to capture the leads which can help you to monetize later at will.
  2. The other method is posting the Bitly shortened link which takes the users directly to the offer.

You can use either method depending on the campaign.
For our example, I am using option 2 (direct linking method)

With either option, you need to make an inviting/teasing pretext to invite people to first click on the link and possibly perform the required action.

For our campaign, I simply say that “We are looking for English writers, we could pay up to $25/article”


Some of the groups allow instant posting and some require review& approval. And upon approval, your post should be visible to all the members of the group. Now you can start monitoring the and CPA network stats to see the no of clicks, conversions, jump outs etc.

You need to keep an eye on the stats part as this provides vital information on how to optimize your campaigns for best results.

D. Manage the questions

You might get few queries via messages to your inbox or as comments to your post. Try to answer them promptly and professionally, which could again only help to increase your image and reputation.

Just this simple method has earned me well over $4000 over for basic campaigns.

Again this is just one of the thousands of opportunities you can create around this concept (different niches, groups etc).

Be creative and you are bound to make money effortlessly via Linkedin without spending any money.

E. Golden Goose

This method is like a golden goose, make sure you add value to the community and the person clicking your links (stuff like Information articles, expert advice, Tips & Tricks, PLR, Videos and Bonus packs etc). If you start spamming and you might get banned from the group very soon (linked groups are quite active and sensitive about spam)


9. Paid method

Now we are talking big bucks, though the free method allows you to make money it is just peanuts when compared to the LinkedIn Ads method.

This method allows you to target a wider audience in 100’s of thousands, yet gives you tighter control to laser target your campaign (in my opinion its better than Adwords).

Method Overview:

Create paid ads vial LinkedIn advertisement platform (similar to Adwords) Link your CPA offers to your Ads
Bank in

A. Create Linkedin Ads

This is a paid advertising option quite similar to AdWords but specific to Linkedin. You can click on the start now to start the process:

Section 1 – Create Ad Campaign

It’s a very simple and self-explanatory interface

Create a new ad campaign

This is to give your campaign a name so that you can easily recognize it later. LinkedIn members won’t see this name.

Provide the target website

Send members who click on your advertisement to a specific URL (could be your website, affiliate links or it could even be a page on your LinkedIn profile)

Enter a Headline

Catch the attention of your target audience with a clear and concise headline. This itself an art, but the general tip is to try to keep it simple and relevant to the target audience.

Enter a description of up to 75 characters to span 2 lines

Use the description of your ad to create excitement or curiosity of your product or service. Try to follow it with a clear call to action, time limits like ‘Sign up now’ or ‘Order today.’ Or “Limited offer” etc

Add a Variation

You can add multiple add variations for split testing your campaigns. Adding an ad variation is an easy way to test out different text or images. To get the best performance from your campaign, you will need to test and refine your ads to see what works best.

Once completed click on the next to get to the next page, which gives you the power tools to fine-tune and target your ad campaign.

Section 2 – Targeting


This option allows you to select the specific geo location you are targeting. Some CPA offers either doesn’t allow US or pays a premium price for US customers or UK or whatever country they prefer and this tool comes in really handy for that.

This means that your ad will be only shown to audience from a particular location (which could be both effective and economic)

You must select at least one geographic location. The choice depends on your campaign.


This allows you to either select specific companies by name or categories of companies for your campaign. You can also choose the no of employees attribute. The choice depends on your campaign. I usually leave it out.

Job Title:

This option allows you to choose the relevant job titles or categories of job titles relevant for your campaign along with the seniority. The choice depends on your campaign. This is a very useful filter and I tend to use it often.


You can target specific groups relevant to your campaigns. The choice depends on your campaign, often you can achieve the same using our free method. But if for any reason I couldn’t become a member of some groups then I target them using this option.


Allows you to specify which gender you want to focus on. Purely depends on your campaign, for our campaign I would go for a male.


Allows you to target a specific or a range of age groups. I generally tend to select 18-34, but it depends on the campaign.

Linkedin Audience Network:

This allows your ad to be shown in LAN (Linkedin Audience Network), the LinkedIn Audience Network is a collection of partner websites that display LinkedIn Ads on their pages. I usually disable this.

Estimate Target Audience:

Based on the selections we make for the above options, the number of potential target audience varies. Based on my selections I get the following numbers and this could vary for each campaign.

Section 3 – Campaign Options

Payment method:

Linkedin allows you to pay in two methods for your ad campaigns, Pay per Click (CPC) and Pay per 1,000 impressions (CPM)


CPC – You are charged up to your maximum bid each time your ad is clicked by a member of your target audience on LinkedIn.

CPM – You are charged up to your maximum bid each time your ad is shown 1,000 times on LinkedIn.

While the choice depends on the campaign, generally I have seen good results with CPC.

Daily Budget:

This allows you to be in control of your ad spending. You can set a limit of how much you want to spend for every day on your campaigns using either CPC or CPM

Lead collection:

This automates the lead collection process of capturing the key details of all the people who click your ad. I usually disable this option (as I have my own opt-in forms for lead capture), but for certain campaigns, this could be very handy.

Show my campaign:

You can run your campaign as long as you want (you can manually switch it off when you need to) or you can set a specific date for the campaign to end.

Click the next to get to the LinkedIn ad campaign dashboard.

This is a snapshot of the campaign dashboard, gives you the vital information about your campaign


Whether your campaign is live or in standby. You can turn on to get your ad live or turn off to pause your ad.


Your daily budget for this campaign.


No of clicks received by this ad.


How many times your ad has been shown.


Click Through Rate or CTR for an ad is defined as the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown (impressions), expressed as a percentage. The higher the better.


Lead Collection is a feature in LinkedIn Ads that allows advertisers to collect leads directly through their LinkedIn ad campaigns. When this feature is enabled, members who click on your ad will have an easy way to request that you use to contact them.

Members who click on your ad are taken to your landing page with a button to request you to contact them. This option is displayed on the top of your landing page. For each lead, you’ll see the member’s name, headline and a link to their LinkedIn Profile. Members have the option of sharing their email address when submitting the request for contact too.

You’ll be able to send a free follow-up message to them on LinkedIn

Average CPC:

Your average CPC depends on your Bid and competition. You’ll only be charged for the clicks and impressions that your ads receive. If your ad is a CPC (Cost per Click) ad and doesn’t receive any clicks, you won’t be charged for any advertising costs during that period. If your ad is a CPM (Cost per Impression) ad and doesn’t receive any impressions, you won’t be charged for any advertising costs in that period.

Total Spent:

The total amount of money spent on this campaign so far.

Additional features:

There are also other useful features in the dashboard like


Allows you to create reports on a specific ad’s performance or a campaign’s performance.


Your invoice details till date.


Additional settings to effectively manage your campaign.

B. Managing the campaign:
Monitor & Monitor & Monitor: Monitor your campaign every hour/day depending upon the scope to

fine tune and alter the settings effectively (section 9 A) to make sure it’s on the right track.

It’s always a good practice to create multiple variations to split test your campaign to see which one is getting more clicks and effectively good conversions.

Keep an eye on the Bitly stats if you are using it, again which can give you more insights on how your campaign is performing.

Spend some time in reading the other people’s Ad to understand the design, call to action text and the type of ads. When it’s done right you can amass a lot of money in a very short period if you target and optimize it correctly.

As we mentioned earlier, Linkedin is one of the most underutilized social network platforms. There is still a lot of opportunities with it to make good money.


10. Milking the Most out of Linkedin:

As I mentioned earlier, Linkedin is a highly targeted, affluent and a professional’s network. This in itself could be your main source of income if you know how to use it effectively.

For instance SEO services – You can use the other lead capturing and list making methods to get valid leads to sell your services. In Linkedin its already there, all you need to do is contact them, consult them, add value and you will be their go-to person. Let me explain it.

For example, there is a lot of “Business Owners” on Linkedin, to find them just go to
Advanced Search -> In the title text box just type in “Owner” and you should be able to see and contact the very people you have been trying to get in touch using many other methods. You can narrow that by location, companies, relationship, and industries. All are very helpful for precise and targeted campaigns.

While all lead capture, list building, client getting methods are useful in a particular situation, Linkedin makes it a lot easier and effective for contacting and communicating with your potential business leads.

One of the best ways of doing this is to become a member of the most popular group of your industry (e.g Dentists London), offer a valuable service to the group coordinator (I would recommend to do it for free) in exchange for a formal introduction to the group. This effectively introduces you as a serious professional and will act as a great platform for you pitch to your leads.

Linkedin is a professional network and people respond to your messages as long as you are not spamming them, pitch your services professionally and offer something of true value and you are bound to get clients.

I usually offer them a free service like a detailed Website SEO report, Facebook Fan page, Custom Twitter page, PLR reports etc to get the attention.

The key to success in offering SEO Service in Linkedin is

• • • • •

  • Professional Profile
  • Huge list of Contacts
  • Good reviews
  • Being a member of relevant groups and contributing to the community
  • Offering real value to customers and making some difference in their business

I provide variety of services and mostly outsource them to Fiverr / Warrior Forum guys. Some of the services I offer to my clients via linkedin are:

  • Website development
  • Mobile site development
  • Google Places creation / claiming
  • Google places review / testimonials service
  • Logo design
  • Graphics works
  • Flyer design
  • Business card design
  • Testimonial videos
  • Copywriting services
  • Press release
  • Facebook fan pages
  • Facebook likes
  • Custom Twitter pages
  • Twitter followers and so many more…


There is a huge amount of money to be made on Linkedin if you are serious about it.

So now you know a new method to get quality traffic (either through free or paid method), which you can monetize in many ways CPA, Product Sales, SEO Services etc. Our request to you is to put this method in action, fine tune, rinse and repeat. You cannot fail and you will make money.


1-on-1 CPA Marketing COACHING

Do you need custom CPA training tailored specifically to your needs? contact me and I’ll get back to you with more details. SKYPE ID: HatimHattaOfficiel

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