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Easy CPA Marketing System

Easy CPA Marketing System


Welcome to the Easy CPA Marketing System, and don’t be surprised if it is the only one you need. You will find all the most important information on these very pages. Not only will you pick up all the most necessary tips, you will be guided through the archaic process of getting access to the largest email lists, and collaborating with their owners – who will send out your pitch. Of course, that pitch will be read by thousands and receive the most genuine traffic.

You’ll realize how easy it is to truly make the most of your investment, and you will be wondering why you did not find such a jewel sooner!

How are you supposed to set such a lucrative opportunity into motion? Simple, you will need a CPA Affiliate Network account, an account with, only $150 to begin, and a domain name (This one is not necessary, but is helpful).

This is how your earnings may look like


Let me introduce you is a major PPC Ad display and email PPC network; it provides you with a multitude of ads to choose from, Banner Display Ads, Full Page Interstitial Ads, Photo Text Ads, and the one we will be working with, Email Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC).

There are many reasons to work with AdClickMedia, but the main reasons revolve around the fact that through AdClickMedia, you will get plenty of high-quality traffic. Now, we’re not just saying they will provide you with high-quality traffic, we know it. Why? Because they have over 900 million ad impressions, and 37 million email data records that we can get access to! All of that is for rent, which will bring in more than enough traffic. Those amazing numbers do not include the 18 million plus email records they have in the Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marking niche – keep in mind that is only one niche of the many to choose from.

Though it gets even better, they have anywhere from 2,000 to over 50,000 publisher list sizes, the BIG Email Publishers lists escalates ranging from 1 million to 10 million list sizes. Overall, they have over 300 hundred email

publishers to choose from. This should be plenty to impact your CPA offer campaigns.

With the ability to email out your own list or to rent one that someone else has compiled, you will not find a higher quality traffic. But not only will you rent their list, you can have them send out the email for your offer and watch as the traffic piles on! That easy. You only have to lift a couple fingers to make the magic happen.

Don’t forget that this is 100% opt-in Email Traffic if it was possible to reach 150% you could guarantee we would be giving you those numbers too! However, this is the highest quality traffic, that you can get your hands on, and don’t miss the imperative information found on “The Money Is In The LIST” – We wouldn’t be surprised if you had read that prior to this eBook, however, don’t take the information with a grain of salt, rather it is the truth that will increase your traffic exponentially.

Moving on, we can now discuss one of the relatively higher quality traffic strategies. Now, don’t think that increasing quality does not increase the price tag because all the best things are not free. Email Buys can be more expensive in the beginning, but provide better quality traffic when mastered.

You can’t find many advertising networks that will provide you with all their secret data, especially not for free. You cannot just waltz into an advertising network and buy all their email data or rent their email lists for your own offers. That would take away their advantage! They make money from their own lists.

Even top marketers have their own email lists, which is, of course, their pride. When they want to make an impact, they bring out their lists and recommend a product. They do not just send something out and see no results, it works, and that is why everybody continues to use it. There is no use in having a list that does not receive.

The big Publishers in AdClickMedia don’t take this lightly. They use the sacredness of a list to their advantage. If the marketers were reckless about their lists then no one would want to click on the offer that is provided, all emails would be ignored. That is not what happens. When a marketer releases an offer to their niche, it is taken seriously because there is a solid relationship built between emailer and receiver.

Solo Ad providers have proven lists, much like Frank Kern, and that is why we go to them to promote our offer. Solo Ad providers have made money of their own lists so they know they work and can sell them confidently.

AdClickMedia Email PPC does the same thing, but on a much larger scale, meaning that they have so much more to offer than just a normal Solo Ad provider. With tried and tested lists that have been built from the bottom up, you could not expect better results, reliable enough for the people who make them, they are reliable enough for you.

Now you can get excited as we can start setting up your first campaign!

Below is a list of trusted and widely known CPA networks. If you haven’t joined some of them already, you can do it now.

 Adscend Media



A few of the more common Niches that can be seen in the above recommendations include; Biz Opp/ Make Money Online/ Internet Marketing/ Forex/Binary, Insurance/Zip submits, Dating, Weight Loss/Diet, and Online Educations. These are some of the more population niches that you will find while searching through the publisher’s lists, but of course, these are not the only ones.

We also recommend going to CPA Review sites to make the most of the available niches. You can have a look at OfferVault and – there you will be able to explore all the CPA networks and niches that would be the best for your offer. This will help you to get prepared when you sign up for a particular CPA Network.

How to get accepted into the CPA Networks

Have you heard that it is impossible to get into CPA Networks? That only the truly dedicated can weasel their way in. But that is not true, it is easier than it looks. You just have to answer the questions with the right mindset, for instance

  •   Do you have incentive offers on your website?
    ALWAYS SAY NO! It’s just like for google Adsense, you cannot tell people to click on your ads. Though now we are seeing more and more content locking CPA networks so in that case, incentivizing offers would be OK (through offering guides or other downloads).
  •   Are you with any other affiliate companies?

The network is looking to see if you are new to CPA or if you have experience. It’s best if you say you are apart of two or three other ones. Choose whatever ones you’d like. This is to show you have experience and that other networks have put trust in you. There’s a sticky thread here that lists a whole bunch of them (the network you are applying to will not check to make sure you are apart of the ones you say you are).

  •   What kind of offers are you interested in?
    The network is looking to see what your niche is. If you’d promote anything, just say you’re interested in promoting high converting offers.
  •   What is your internet experience?
    The network is looking to see if you are a total newbie to CPA. Even if you are it’s not that big of a deal. Just tell them how long you have been interested in internet marketing (1+ years is ideal)
  •   How did you hear about us?
    This is more of a casual question. Just say their network was recommended to you or that you searched for a good one in Google and theirs came up
  •   How do you get traffic?
    Your response should be that you own an email list in a specified niche and that you do Email Marketing. Email marketers are a soft spot for the CPA networks because email is one the best traffic sources, and the ad networks drool over such credentials. Keep your answers honest, but remember the audience that you are trying to reach and trying to convince with your proposal.With this in place, it will be no time before you have a strong relationship established with the affiliate managers in the network. You will not be disappointed when you build a relationship with the affiliate managers, this

is always a good tactic as you will make the higher payouts. Never forget the importance of relationships in business.

Another Tip:

Don’t forget to follow up, this is a good relationship building technique that will help you promote yourself within the network. Remembering to be courteous and respectful is key, not only do you want to follow up and tell them that you are happy to be a part of their network, but also that you are available if they have any questions or concerns.

Another Tip:

Though this may not be the first idea that comes to mind, calling them is also a fantastic way to set yourself aside from the crowd. When you want to show that you are truly dedicated and serious about the position calling can be a great way to accomplish exactly that.

Writing Email Copy That Converts

It will take a little work to master the art of writing Email Copy like a professional, but with practice, it will work out. Try to keep the email creative, and remember that the copy will create the conversions because of higher click rates.

Here is an example how an email copy should look Subject:

Facebook hack gets click for a penny!

Got a penny? Then that’s what you need to get serious clicks on your facebook page

Time is of the essence so check it out asap:

Facebook Hack To Drive Converting Traffic For Less Than A Penny…

{Your link here}

Send serious amounts of Facebook traffic to affiliate offers…or your own page.

Better yet! Offer this to your offline clients and mark up the hell out of it.

Good email copies are short and sweet and to the point. They don’t take up too much of the reader’s time, and they are engaging and interesting. The above copy is also realistic, it does not promise outlandish dreams.

Each section is divided with links, with only short text between them. This promotes action rather than passive reading, and there is no need for long texts of explanation and persuasion. Then just opt-in for the CPA/CPL offers and build your lists. (CPL means Cost Per Lead)

Don’t sell a product, free is always more appealing than putting a price on something. Free CPA/CPL offers are a great starting point when considering email marketing campaigns. Why? Because free provides a higher turnover than products that require a purchase. People prefer and don’t mind free, thus it acquires more converts and each convert will be $1.50 – $12 on most offers.

The above example is applicable for anything in the following categories: Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and or Forex/Binary


Email swipes should absolutely never be copied and pasted. What happens if you are reaching the same people from a list, then they will know that one is an exact replica of the other. It will be ignored, it won’t offer anything new in the aspect of interest. Make it different and eye-catching. You don’t want someone’s offer chosen over yours because you only copied and pasted. It is copied to use one already done as a template though.
The point is to get clicks, not over-looked.

However, you don’t have to make each copy completely unique, they can be wide-ranging as in, easily applicable to other niches. That makes it easier to quickly make a few edits and complete many copies in a shorter amount of time.

For the complete beginners, we suggest that you go to the niche you wish to reach and find the proven email swipes, that way you can see what works, and model your copy after that. We suggest sites like ClickSure, ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, these work wonders for the Biz Opp niche. especially ClickSure will provide you with emails that you can learn from quite easily.

Setting Up Your First Campaign

Signing Up:

First of all, we have to create an account. Don’t forget or lose your information!

This is how the sign-up page looks like:

Fill your real info and then login at login.cgi/adclickmedia

Choosing the correct offers:

VERY IMPORTANT: We cannot just choose some random offer from the CPA network. We have to put a little more thought and effort into the process. We want to know the most lucrative offer, whether it is for the past week or two weeks. This is valuable information in choosing an offer, also, anyone you may have had an experience with would work just as well.

Here is our niche recommendations:

  • Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet
  • Insurance
  • Forex
  • Dating
  • Weight loss/Fitness
  • Online EducationDon’t be finicky! Be steadfast, and stick with chosen niche until reaching success (that is why it is so important to choose a good niche from the start! Then, begin small. The key is to choose offers that do not require a lot of commitment on the part of the clicker. People are more willing to fill out the offer that asks only for an email address, or ones that ask for a name, address or zip code. These kinds of offers are not painful on the clicker. This is not as invasive as the offers that are more time consuming and lengthy, or even the ones that ask for credit card information.Once you are more comfortable with the simple offers, then you can use the Credit Card/Sale offers because these do work very well, but testing the CPA/CPL offers first is a great way to get used to the name of the game.

Our personal favorite is the CPA/CPL offers that are free for the subscriber, it is a Win-Win for us and them. The CPL offers are Cost Per Lead, which are free for the subscriber and still provides you with money.

You can see why these are the preferred offers.

Ad Creation and Swipe

Finally, the good part begins. You will get to set up you CPA Email PPC ad campaigns and you will get to choose what offers you are going to promote to your lists. Since you have already chosen a Niche offer, we kindly remind you to stick with it! Though, we are going to promote to the niche on AdClickMedia Email PPC.

Keep in mind that when you choose a CPA offer, you will want to make sure that it will accept Email Marketing traffic, if you don’t check you never know what kind of work you will complete without a turnover! Though, that usually will not be a problem because email is the highest quality traffic, and who doesn’t want that?

So, login to the Advertisers Panel (it is the same information from your AdClickMedia account, – the same information will also get you into the Publishers Panel.
Then scroll to “Email PPC Advertising

On the Right Side,  it will say, “New Campaign
Click the Blue button and you will be taken to a screen with plenty of lists and categories choose from.


This view will show the average CPC rates, this will fluctuate, and you don’t have to worry about this. The system will take care of all the number crunching, and leave you with the pretty product. You will see the averages before you start, within your chosen niche of course.

While on this page, we want to select the Niche or Category you decided upon, then you will have your offer selection. Thus, if you were to go after the Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing niche, you would select these 2 categories in the screenshot below:



Then click “View Lists” to show.
Then you will see the total amount of subscribers for your Niche.

The above picture shows the Biz Opp niche as having more than 18 million subscribers. As we stated in the beginning, there is more than a plethora of lists to choose from and you will not run out of subscribers.

This page is the focal point of our operation, we will be able to get all the necessary steps completed, promoting offers, building lists, all here. All the best traffic is found here.

Remember in the beginning we stated you would need funds for your account? The best traffic and the true act of making such money first require some investment. This is where the $150 come into play. You can fund your account through a credit card, or PayPal. $150 is the minimal investment possible.

Click “Start Email Campaign” found at the bottom of the page, to add the funds your account.

Or, click the “Funds Tab” this will allow you to add your investment through either Credit Card of PayPal.

Getting Your Ad Approved

We get to do the most engaging part yet, setting up your Ad for approval. To get to the nitty-gritty:

Under “Offer Name” you will be able to give your campaign a Name. Publishers will use this to see what your offer is. Some people have a harder time coming up with something catchy, so if you would rather you can just put the name of the offer you are promoting. For start, you can just copy and paste the name of the CPA offer into the field.

Under “Offer Description” you will be able to give your campaign a short description. This should explain what your offer is. For the Biz Opportunity niche you really can just put Business Opportunity, or if you’d like to be more thorough look at your offer and find out the landing page is all about. This will provide you with the necessary information to create a wonderful description.

Now onto, “Ad Design Service” Do not change this… unless you would like to pay them to write your email. – If you plan on writing it yourself, leave it as is:

No, use the ad above. “
Next in line, “Landing Page URL” This is the fancy term for the link of

the offer (or opt-in landing page, etc) you are sending your desired traffic to.

Either copy or paste the link for the desired offer in the space provided or hide your affiliate link by using a tracking link. Don’t worry if that does not

make sure, Tracking Links is explained in Step 4.

Publishers will not be able to view your Affiliate link nor the Networks you’re using.

Moving onto, “Restrictions” This is important in providing the publishers will instructions on what to do with your offer. You will be able to tell them whether or not you want them to just email it out, and provide you with email traffic only if you would like something like incentivized clicks as well. Typically though, we just want “Email Traffic Only. No Incentivized Clicks.” – That is what we want.

Now to “Geo-Targeting”, The last official step is choosing the GEO Targeting options. This is very dependent upon the offer that you have chosen because sometimes offers are localized to general regions or countries. If that is the case then you need to put which country is being targeted. If the offer accepts all major countries, then you can specify that or target the “USA Only”.

Believe it or not, the United States of America is the top converting country that provides the highest possible traffic to the emails. Thus, we suggest putting “USA only”.

Before you submit! As with every copy, proofread, proof-read, proofread! Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and as little grammar errors as possible. The subscribers may not click on an offer if they find that the email has very obvious errors. Time and effort are key.

Once you know that your copy is at its peak of perfection, you can click Submit For Approval. After it is submitted for approval you will have to wait for it to be approved this process is conducted by the wonderful staff at

AdClickMedia, and may require some patience. However, the good news is that you can expect your approval or refusal within a day or two.

You will be alerted to all the necessary changes that may have to take place in your campaign, but once those changes are made you can submit for approval again, and finally, you will be live.

The staff at AdClickMedia does not approve emails that are similar to spam, these emails would ruin their reputation and their business, and thus they cannot let them be sent. Be careful not to use words that sound like spam! Though, usually, there are not many if any changes that are required for approval.

Typically we have noticed a 10% or more conversion rate on average, but when you build your own lists, you will see a 30% increase, after the opt-in. These offers are free CPA offers that do not cost the subscriber anything, and only ask for small information bits. These offers payout from $1.50 to $12 or more. As stated before, getting people to simply put an email address down is much easier than asking for a credit card number.

Also remember that places such as Clicksure, Clickbank are great resources for a creative copy email template. Once you alter these enough, you will be able to come up with creative content all on your own.

The CPC bidding is taken care of by their system, don’t worry about that! Your focus should be on controlling your spending, and your advertisements.

Just as we walked through, all you have to do is choose a niche, set up the email, restrictions, geo-targeting and you are ready to start making money for your efforts! Then conversions will turn into payouts. After that, we can ‘scale’ our campaigns, manage the amount we spend, and put more campaigns into play that will bring in even more money!

The key is to be steadfast! Continue with the same offer, find new offers, utilize all the possible resources and continue to expand and grow.

Checking Your Campaign

Your campaign has been approved, now what? You will be able to see it in the Campaigns Tab under, Email PPC Ads.

You will have access to all of the statistics of your campaigns from Clicks conversions if you set up your Tracking Pixel (this will be explained later), the cost, and the status of your campaign. If you feel for some reason you need to pause your campaign, you can do that too! Quite a convenient tool.

How to track success

Though this may seem confusing at first glance it is really pretty simple. All you need to do to track your conversions is in your campaigns get the tracking pixel and paste it into the Offer Tracking Pixel in the CPA Network.

The key is getting the tracking pixel! Go to the Dashboard Advertiser Panel and find your Email PPC Advertising, click Conversion Tracking Code.

The next screen will load and show the tracking pixel

Then just copy and paste the code into the tracking text field on the CPA

Network. Then you will be able to hide your affiliate links. The tracking services that are free are: and Tinyurl. Hiding your affiliate link is not mandatory, though some may say that it is a good idea. With this tracking, you will be able to compare the statistics.

And To Summarize

You have been shown how to set up your AdClickMedia account, with campaigns that are sure to bring in conversions. You are now able to set up your own niche, offers, campaigns, write emails, send them out, and watch as the results come flooding in.

Don’t forget the resources provided to you throughout the book, to help you write email copy if you are not used to it and much more.

Since you are equipped with the knowledge, set up the CPA commissions, and always remember that time and effort pays off in the end.

Keep in mind that different offers will have different results, and it may take a few tries to truly get the hang of writing email copies and getting the most out of each email, but nonetheless, do not give up. Keep with a niche until you have found success in that niche.

Try multiple offers, give it a few weeks, have patience.

Advertising is a trade, and no one masters a trade on their first day. It takes some advertisers years to master their skill, and even so they will never have dreamed that they could have it as easy as AdClickMedia makes it for all of us.

Remember that without investment there can never be profitable, so after you are comfortable with the money you have made from your $150

investment, “Scale” up, investment more, and expect more in return.

Keep in mind the free offers! Free CPA offers convert more, we iterate specify that enough! Later, once you have more experience (with the task of advertising) you can attempt sale offers. Maybe they work for you! You just have to try. Though on average, free CPA offers get 10%, and Sale Offers only get 1%.

Thank you for reading Easy CPA Marketing System

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