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CPA Marketing Blaster Traffic Part3

Method 3 – The Youtube Robber!

This is a really excellent way to really capitalize on Youtube traffic because besides videos, there is one other type of video that gets a ton of traffic almost effortlessly, and it sells like ice cream on a hot summer’s day! Want to know what it is? Sex! Well, not sex per se, but any videos of a sexy and suggestive nature. Let me clarify on this so that you don’t misunderstand, The videos that get the most views are primarily targeted at the sex-depraved 15-28 year old male demographic, and I saw this firsthand while in college a few years back. They will watch these sexy videos all day long if given half the chance, and will readily take action on free offers that cater to them.

So to summarize, the content and videos that we will be providing are going to be of sexy females (since we are appealing to the young male demographic), and if we target this demographic we cannot fail to get a ton of traffic together with high conversions, as long as we serve up CPA offers to them that are relevant.

Now please don’t jump to conclusions here. You may know bits and pieces of what I’m about to share here, but combining all of this in the sequence and method that I talk about here will result in insanely high CPA commissions that will keep rolling in non-stop! Using one or two elements in isolation may yield some results, but combining it all together is what will make it devastatingly effective. I have used this time and time again to generate daily CPA commissions very quickly and easily.

The best part of this method? Many times I see views and traffic coming within minutes of putting up my videos. This is not something that you implement and wait days for the money to come – the traffic, and therefore the money (with the right CPA offer which I’ll go into more detail later) will result in almost immediate results. When you see the results you cannot fail but to take more action and multiply your efforts even more, I can tell you from experience that it is

incredibly addictive to see the commissions rolling in so quickly from my videos, and if they get popular there is every chance in the world that they could go viral, and you could see a huge explosion in your traffic!

So how does the ‘Youtube Robber’ work? You’ll be really surprised at how the pieces fit together to become such a powerful well-oiled profit machine. As I have already mentioned earlier, sex sells and is utterly irresistible to the young male demographic getting onto Youtube. Another thing that they’re crazy about is filling out polls and surveys about things that are relevant and matter to them – they’ll do this all day long without having to push them at all!

So here’s a brief overview of how the system works, and we’ll get into the specifics and nitty-gritty later. We drive the hungry sex-crazed Youtube traffic to a webpage that asks them to vote on the female which looks sexier to them. Now I know you have probably heard of this tactic before, but this is where my method diverts from the tried- and-true CPA adult dating method. We are NOT going to send them to a CPA adult dating offer or anything of that sort!

I want to remain completely above-board and whitehat with this, so what we’ll be doing specifically is driving the traffic to an incentivizable survey CPA offer! Since the offer is incentivizable, what we are doing does not go against the rules of the CPA network. Now, I don’t personally consider sending people to a webpage and telling them that by voting and filling out the survey form immediately afterwards (to enter a contest to win something) that it is incentivization in any shape or form, but some people may disagree. By using an incentivizable offer it takes away any and all objections, and we will not have any problems with the CPA networks shutting us down, even if we drive a ton of traffic to these offers and convert, which is very possible with what we’ll be doing here!

So basically what we’ll be doing here is providing the traffic that clicks through with a incentivizable survey offer that is relevant to the

demographic. As long as it is relevant, they’ll have no problems filling out the offer since it doesn’t cost them a dime to do so, and they get the chance to win something just by participating.

Step 1: Choosing the offer

In choosing the offer, I like to stay with an incentivizable survey offer as mentioned, because it is completely white hat and I’ve found that it converts incredibly well for me. I typically have between a 6-15% (some days almost 20%!) conversion ratio for the visitors converting after clicking through to the survey offer (meaning that they complete the survey in its entirety and convert), and these are really high conversions! Typically most CPA offers convert between 1-5%, and it is rare to get conversions these high. With the way this is structured and because of the demographic involved, this offer converts really well.

For me at least, the best converting offer by far right now is the AdworkMedia incentivizable survey offer to “win a $1,500 Hoverboard

Sweepstakes”. It is incredibly easy to convert with the ‘Youtube Robber’ method, and this is what I’d recommend. has a fairly large number of incentivizable offers, but I’m sure that many of the other major incent CPA networks have similar offers that you can use (please refer to the Appendix in this book that goes into detail about the application process and which networks to apply to).

Let’s take a look now at AdworkMedia and the types of offers that it has to offer.

I have done a search for all incentivize offers at AdworkMedia, ordered by EPC (Earnings Per Click). EPC is simply the network-wide average figure which shows how much each visitor that clicks through to the offer is worth in terms of commissions. As you can see below, the “Win A $1,500 Hoverboard Sweepstakes” offer pays $1.10 per survey completion and has an off-the-charts EPC of $0.15!

Let’s analyze why this is such a great converting offer.It is asking visitors to complete a survey asking them for THEIR opinion regarding products and services that interest them. As I’ve mentioned before, people love completing surveys especially when it is regarding something that concerns them. This is sort of an ‘universal interest’ thing as almost everyone will be interested in buying products and services, and will be more than happy to give their opinions about it.

This survey is a no-brainer for almost anyone to complete as it offers them a prize of $1,500 value just for filling out the requested information (no cost or credit card involved).I hope you can appreciate how incredibly perfect this offer is, and how easy it’ll be for our Youtube visitors to complete this offer and give us the conversion!

Step 2: Setting up your free page

What we need to do next is set up a simple but incredibly effective page to direct our Youtube visitors to. You don’t even need to use paid hosting for this, a free website will do just fine. I recommend using , as I find that it’s very intuitive, simple, and easy to use (if you already have hosting and would like to acquire your own domain name, then you are free to utilize that if you want. This just eliminates the need for it if you’d rather go the free route instead). You can start creating your website there right away by entering your email address and password as shown below.

I’d suggest using the ‘Blank Centered’ Template for your website (just do a search using the ‘blank’ keyword as shown below.)

On the main site creation page, enter your desired Site Address and Site Title, just keep in mind that this is going to be a survey/contest/poll type page so you want to choose a name that relates to the topic, i.e. ‘sexiest girl survey’ or ‘hottest girl contest’ or something along those lines.

We’ll be having two images of hot girls placed side by side and some text below them like “Vote For Girl A” and “Vote For Girl B”.

While using this method, You want your page to be very clear in its purpose, which is to get the visitor to vote by clicking on either of those

images – this is the ONE and ONLY thing you want them to do! You can find plenty of images just using Google, it will not be an issue at all. Just make sure that both of your images are clickable and link to your CPA offer, which we would have obtained earlier in Step 1 while choosing the offer. Just to be clear, both of the clickable images will link to the same exact offer. When the visitor clicks through the image and completes your CPA survey offer, you get paid!

If you’re using this free website and do not wish to use your own domain to forward to it, you can use to shorten it if you want to.

Step 3: Finding and Uploading Youtube Content

Go to Youtube and create a separate account together with a dedicated Gmail account to go with it, as described in Method 1 (CPALead Insanity). It is best to do things this way, so as to keep things organized and separate. Have one account dedicated for this method, and one for using CPALead. Let’s look now at what we can find on Youtube.

I have sorted the videos by View Count (also circled above) – you do this in Youtube by clicking on the Down Arrow and selecting ‘View Count’. This gives you an idea of the type of videos that are most popular. As you can see these videos get a massive number of views, with each getting well over 1 million views!

Now it just becomes a matter of how much time you can devote to uploading these massively viewed videos. It is almost infinitely scalable, and Youtube offers so much traffic from these ‘sexy’ videos that it all comes down to how many videos you’d like to upload. What I mean by scalable is that you can choose to work hard one week and upload 10 times the number of videos you did the week before (and probably see 10 times the traffic), and this method will accommodate it! You can work as hard or as little as you want, and this method is so flexible anyone can do it regardless of how much (or little) time you have.

Now that we see the massive potential traffic available from these videos, it is time to harness it for ourselves! A word of caution here: if you are planning to jump into this and really attack the uploads, it would be wise to have a separate Youtube account for every 20 daily uploads that you do. I have never had any of my Youtube accounts banned before, but I like to play it safe. It only takes a little bit of extra work to create additional Youtube accounts, and you want to take every possible precaution to ensure that your videos stay up and keep driving traffic passively to your CPA offers!

First, we need a powerful free tool that will help us to queue/schedule our video downloads and convert them into .avi format (this is because the videos will be downloaded in .flv format, but Youtube only allows uploads in .avi format). I highly recommend the free DownloadHelper Firefox plugin from to help with this (you need to have the Firefox internet browser installed on

your computer to use this plug in – download it from here if you don’t already have it). The DownloadHelper site has a comprehensive user manual and Video Tutorials on how to use all of its features. An added bonus is that DownloadHelper will allow you to download from over a dozen popular video sites (listed on the website), not just Youtube – I’d say your choice of videos to upload is virtually unlimited!

Once you’ve downloaded and converted the videos into .avi format, you’re now ready to upload them into Youtube. Follow the upload process as described in Method 2 (Youtube Simplicity). Once you’ve uploaded the file successfully, you will see something like this:

Enter the title, description and tags like in the screenshot shown above. Just use controversial/shocking titles related to the ‘sexy girl’ topic that will cause people to sit up and pay attention. The description should contain the URL/link for your contest/poll page, together with a call for action (to go to your website) like I have done. Use related words in the ‘tags’ field, just think of what a typical Youtube viewer would be typing in to search for this type of video. For more ideas on what tags to use, just go to to the popular ‘sexy girl’ videos and have a look at the types of tags used for those videos.

Just remember that Youtube is just one of several sites that you can upload your video to. Please refer to Method 2, where I talk about using tool like Hey!Spread to distribute your video to all the popular video sites.

Step 4: Getting Visitors to Come to our Survey/Poll Page

We are almost all done with our first video here. I hope you see more clearly now the purpose in what we have been doing so far. We upload our video to Youtube which gets people to go to our voting/contest site, after which they are redirected to our CPA survey offer. You have already seen what I put in the description to get people to to the voting/contest site. Now we also want to reinforce this by adding annotations to our video. You can add one or several of them, but it’s most important that it’s seen at the end so that your viewer is reminded to take action after they have finished viewing your video. The annotation/text bubble should contain our URL/link to our voting/contest site.

We add the annotation by going to your uploaded videos in your Youtube account, clicking ‘Edit’ on your desired video, and then clicking ‘Annotations’. I have circled the Annotation icon that you need to click on to add it to your video. Make sure you have at least one Annotation that plays right to the end, as I’ve shown in the example below.

You can select from several different types of annotation, and you can click on the annotation box/bubble to drag it around to different areas on your video. You can drag the timeline dot at the bottom (where the red progress bar is) to various points in the video, so you can select exactly when and for how long the annotation will appear in your video.

Another important point to keep in mind is that under ‘Info and Settings’ for your individual videos, you have the opportunity of selecting the ‘Video Thumbnail’ to display on Youtube for potential visitors to look at. You obviously want to pick the most attractive and relevant (to your offer) thumbnail available that will cause people to click on your video to view it. Picking the right thumbnail could cause your video to get thousands of extra views. Paying special attention to this could cause you to get many more views with hardly any additional effort!

The potential of this method is staggering. If your video gets viewed 20,000 times a month (not all that uncommon with a popular video)

and just 5% complete your offer (I’m averaging about 8% with the $1500 survey offer) then that means 1,000 X $2.25 (in the case of the offer I’m using) = $2,250! This is just for one video that I have uploaded. Imagine the potential if you were uploading 5-10 videos a day! If you dedicate yourself to uploading at least 5 relevant and controversial videos daily, I’d say at least $10,000+ a month is easily within reach.

You may not be used to uploading videos at first, but after doing a couple it will become second nature to you, and then you will want to be uploading them whenever you have a little extra spare time – it gets really addictive when you see all the views you get, and how your offer conversions keep going up the more videos you add!

I have illustrated a very specific method that pertains to posting sexy and suggestive videos, but it doesn’t have to stop there. With a little creativity, you can expand this to other areas and niches very easily. The CPA networks realize the power of polls and surveys, and they are constantly coming out with new ones all the time. Earlier this year, one of the most popular CPA survey/poll offers was related to the presidential elections in the US, and almost every CPA network had one that asked something along the lines of “who will be elected the next President?” This was something I really capitalized on by posting controversial videos about Trump which got many views. When Michael Jackson died from drug overdose, the CPA networks came out with email submit polls to capitalize on that trend.

With the CPA networks realizing that polls convert so well, this trend is not going to go away any time soon! Basically all you need to do here is post an exciting and controversial poll that is related to the CPA offer, and you will find many people eager to click through and voice their opinions through the CPA poll offer. You just have to keep your eyes open for relevant CPA offers to capitalize on. With a little bit of

creative thinking, you will find an endless number of opportunities to exploit.

This method is very simple and almost infinitely scalable, as described earlier. If you want a part-time income of several hundred dollars or more per month, you can work very part-time at this for 15-30 minutes daily or even less. If you want to scale it up and submit 5 or more videos daily, you can quickly build up to a five figure income per month. The best part is that this method can be very easily outsourced, and with your initial earnings you can easily hire someone for between $300-$500 per month to work at this method full-time for you!

Final Conclusion

I hope you can see now how these methods capitalize on the amazing power of Youtube. With Youtube rapidly becoming a large search engine for many people, it is quite possibly the biggest source for free traffic available right now, IF you use it properly. I have detailed three step-by-step plans on how to harness its power, and if you follow the instructions precisely you will not fail to start seeing earnings accumulate very quickly in your CPA account!

There is some overlap between the three different methods as they all involve using video, so what I suggest is to read this manual back-to- back at least twice so that you absorb all the concepts and techniques that I cover, especially if you are new to CPA marketing. This form of marketing is rapidly replacing traditional affiliate marketing (using places like Clickbank and paydotcom), as it is so much easier to get paid via using CPA offers! Traditional affiliate marketing requires that you make a sale in order for you to get paid, whereas the many email, zip submit, and survey CPA offers don’t require any more than free participation from your website visitors. Getting paid from promoting CPA offers has never been easier, and the industry is moving towards

this form of marketing as a whole.

Get in on this while there is a ton of opportunity available from Youtube. There is more than enough traffic to go around for everyone, and it is practically impossible to saturate, even if you had people working round the clock submitting videos 24/7! There are endless opportunities cropping up on an almost daily basis, and all 3 Methods will allow you to capitalize on them as they arise!

Another great thing about all 3 methods is that the work you put into uploading your videos will never go away as they’ll stay up indefinitely (assuming you do things correctly), and provide a steady stream of passive traffic months from now while not requiring any maintenance at all! The best part of this is that almost all the work can be outsourced quite easily, and this means that you can generate hands- free income once you fully understand how this system works.

These methods will become the Great Equalizer for the average person that does not have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on Google Adwords advertising, Pay Per View advertising, or Media Buys, IF they put it to work. These methods are your ticket to a monthly 5 figure income without any advertising costs, and all you need to do is work at this consistently on a daily basis. I realize that even though I have tried to cover all the techniques and concepts comprehensively, there may be some areas that may be unclear to you.

Bonus Method 1 – Revenue Sharing your Videos!

This ties in really well with what we have been doing for Methods 1-3, since they all revolve around uploading videos of some kind. Since you are hopefully going to be uploading many videos with the above methods, why not also get paid for the views that they get? Believe it or not, the following sites below will share revenue generated from the viewing of your video with you! Flixya claims to pay out the most, at 100% of all ad revenue generated from the viewing of your video! Every little bit helps, and I’m sure you’ll be happy to get some extra passive revenue from your videos while doing barely any extra work. Here’s the list of video sites that share revenue:

Bonus Method 2 – Make Lots of Money Off Current Events and Celebrities Without Ever Creating a Video!

This is such a simple technique that I wonder why more people aren’t doing it! This again capitalizes on the awesome power of Youtube for you to be able to put something up for potentially millions to see without any cost, and with extreme speed. As I’ve mentioned before, Youtube has become a search engine for many people, and you will find them going there to catch up on developing trends and news more and more these days. This is because mobile internet access is becoming more and more common these days, and people can upload a cellphone video they take of something that just happened to Youtube within minutes of it happening. In many cases, they can get it up faster than the news, especially if they happen to be right where the event occurs.

What we want to do here is take advantage of this trend among Youtube viewers and cash in with our CPA offers. Our effectiveness in doing so will depend on our ability to spot potentially viral video (based on current hot topics) and be one of the first to upload it.

Some examples of what this can be applied to include popular sporting events, shocking/controversial breaking news about celebrities, big movie launches, political events, and basically any major world event. As mentioned above, more and more people tend to go to Youtube in search of breaking news, instead of other media, and we want to position ourselves correctly in front of all that massive traffic so that we can profit from it.

What we first need to do is keep tabs on current and breaking events so that we can spot a rising trend when it arises. The best way to do so is by monitoring these 4 sites: (this deals more with hot trending items that are selling, but it can also be linked to CPA offers with a little creativity)

Basically, all 4 sites will give you the hot and trending topics for the moment, and if you find the topic to be trending on all these sources, then you probably have a really huge topic to capitalize on. Google Trends goes into a bit further detail by showing through a chart whether interest is trending or dropping, and also includes countries where the term is generating the most buzz (this is important for CPA offers as many of them are only open to certain designated countries, with US offers being the most varied and easily available). Google Insights goes even further by listing other popular related search terms, and this can give you further angles to capitalize on.

Once you decide a trend is worth further research on, then go to Google (the search engine) and type in the primary search term (and related ones, if you have any). Try to examine the results for any type of video that could be related to the news, person, or event. If you do find one, immediately download it, watermark with the URL of your choice (you can either directly link it to the CPA offer or use a site/blog as a conduit to the offer), and then upload it to Youtube after properly titling, tagging, and describing it. You could create a quick and easy site poll as described in Method 3 to capitalize on the current event. I have already gone into the details of doing all this earlier in the report.

There are plenty of daily news and events that you can capitalize on with this method. My advice is to look through your CPA networks’

offers daily if you can, and familiarize yourself with their most popular offers. What you want to do is try to give the viewers a related offer that makes sense to them, for example if a baseball team pulls off a huge upset and beats the favored team, you could upload a video of the winning team, title it to take advantage of this breaking news, and then offer them something like a Sports Illustrated free magazine email submit offer. If it is news regarding pop music celebrity, ringtone offers usually work best. There is really no hard and fast rule regarding this – the more you research the offers available at your CPA networks and the more you use this method, the better you’ll get at linking offers to current events and news.

I would encourage you to practice this consistently as much as you can, because after all doing this does not cost you anything at all except a bit of your time. Once you get good at spotting trends and linking them to offers, you’ll get new opportunities to cash in on the news on an almost daily basis!

Bonus Method 3 – Webinar Profits!

Now many of you may have heard about the basics of this method before, but I’m going to explore some twists and tweaks that will have you monetizing this from many different angles. I hope that you will take this just as a starting point, and then run with it and make it your own by adding additional enhancements and new angles to it.

Many of you may have heard of the Citrix GoToMeeting ( webinar affiliate program.They pay you 25% of your referral fees(their

packages cost up to $500/month and even more)! If you could deliver

truly valuable content that was staggered over several weeks, you should have no problems at all getting some people to start a subscription with GoToWebinar.

I have used this method with some success in non-IM niches, where it seems to work quite well. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put on an impressive show on the webinar, or even be an expert on the topic of the webinar. This method works great for niche marketing, and one of the best ways to get people to sign up for the webinar is to do an interview with an expert in the niche. People will have no hesitation at all in attending your webinar as long as you deliver valuable content, which is exactly what you’ll be giving when you interview an expert in that niche. I used this a while back when I did a webinar interview with my local dog shelter supervisor on how to treat

and handle aggressive dogs, as I was particularly interested in that due to my having a dog with that issue. All I did was pass the word around the shelter and some friends, and had 18 people sign up and attend the webinar!

This would be great for many non-IM niches, as many experts would love to be interviewed on a topic they’re well-versed on, To expand on it further, you could have them sign into an opt-in form to get information on the webinar, so doing it this way also enables you to capture their contact emails. As you all know, the real money is in the list, and now each time you run a webinar you’ll be adding to your list of subscribers, and niche subscribers are really easy to monetize as long as you deliver true value to them. Now think about it – instead of paying for advertising and to acquire opt-ins, GoToMeeting is now actually paying you to get people onto a webinar! Using webinars is an excellent way to build a strong niche subscriber list that you can then market to.

In addition to all this, you get to record your webinar material for later use, and this can be packaged however you like later on down the road. For instance, you could offer the webinar recording as an opt-in gift, or repackage several of them into a product you could sell. You could also have them transcribed into a PDF product to sell or give away.

All this requires is a little groundwork in contacting niche experts in your local area or even elsewhere via email and phone for an interview. Even if they’re not in your area, you can use google to find their contact details and contact them. Not everyone will agree to a webinar, but you’ll probably be surprised at how many experts will be happy to do one.

Once you have the expert, finding the audience/attendees will be an easy task. If you know people locally that would be interested in the topic and maybe belong to some sort of group within that niche, then it’ll be very easy to get people to attend. If you don’t, here are some

ideas on how to get people interested in a certain niche to attend. You can search for big communities of niche-focused people at :

Another valuable resource is, which is a directory of all the biggest forums and message boards on the internet. You should not have any issues finding niche groups who would be interested in attending one of your webinars.

Another great way to monetize GoToMeeting webinars is to pitch an internet marketing webinar at local offline business owners. If you feel comfortable talking about the subject and feel like you could contribute, there will be no shortage of local business owners who would be happy to attend a free webinar on the topic. Of course you could talk about various easy services, such as blog development and autoresponder services and video marketing, that you can charge for.

The possibilities with GoToMeeting are really endless, as long as you approach it with an open mind. Not only will you get paid for offering a free webinar, you could easily monetize it further by building your subscriber list and also offering different internet marketing services to local business owners. As I’ve mentioned before, this works really well in the non-IM market, where people aren’t as suspicious about webinars as internet marketers are. If you’re doing any niche marketing at all, this would be a great way to build a list of responsive subscribers and also get paid at the same time for doing it! I hope I have opened your mind to the possibilities with webex, and there are very few people who are going to say ‘No’ to a free webinar, especially if you’re offering good valuable information to them in it.

Appendix – Applying and Getting Accepted by the CPA networks

I’m sure many of you are already in some CPA networks, but I’d like to offer some advice on the application process, especially for newbies. It’s not really as hard or as intimidating as you might think.

When I first applied to the CPA networks, I have to admit that I was really nervous, though I had a friend who had gone through the process earlier and was able to give me some tips and pointers on how to get approved by the networks.

The first thing you have to understand is that especially if you are a beginner, it is unlikely that you will get accepted to every single network that you apply to. When I started out I applied to over 70 networks, wasn’t quite sure exactly what to do, but was still able to get accepted in over 40 big ones, including Maxbounty,Peerflyand Neverblue. My best advice for you is if you get rejected, try to follow up with the network by phone, and if they still won’t budge, then move on to the next one. You can always apply later on, don’t get stuck or obsessed about getting accepted by any one particular network.

Now one big stumbling block is the website requirement for many CPA networks. The easiest way around that is creating a simple WordPress (with your own domain and host) blog that can be centered on any niche that you pick, it doesn’t have to be IM. Be sure to insert Google Adsense ads in your blog. I’d highly recommend this WordPress option.One easy way is to use our readymade website package that allows you to have fully functional,very attractive looking websites in some of the most lucrative CPA niches with just a few clicks.You can get this website package at:

When you fill out the application, you’ll be asked about your Traffic statistics. From experience, I find that saying you have anywhere from 5,000 – 20,000 unique impressions per month will get you approved. It doesn’t matter if you’re exaggerating these figures a bit, as I have yet to find any CPA Affiliate Manager that actually verifies the amount of traffic you say you are getting. Giving them a really low figure, in my

opinion, is likely to drastically lower your chances of getting approved.

The most important factor in getting approved is to call up the affiliate network within 2-5 hours on the same day (if possible) and preemptively call them back before the affiliate manager tries to call to interview you about your application. In general, by doing this I have had the most success in getting my applications approved. The most common questions that you will be asked are regarding your website, your internet marketing experience, and how you plan to drive traffic to your CPA offers.

You should say that you have at least 2 years experience, even if you have slightly less than that. Just try to brush up on the CPA jargon and lingo that the networks use by hanging around the warrior forum, observing and asking questions if you feel uncomfortable about conversations revolving around that topic. It is also a big plus if you can honestly say that you have been accepted by one or several of the major CPA networks. So this means that it’ll get easier as time goes by and you have been accepted in some of the networks. Not only will you gain confidence, but you will be much more likely to get accepted based on your ability to gain membership in some of the other networks.

They will probably ask about how much traffic you think you can drive to their network offers, and you should stick to the 5,000-20,000 figure for uniques that I mentioned earlier. They will also ask how you intend to drive that traffic. For some reason they really love it when they hear you mention Google Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic, as I get the impression that the majority of them think this is very high quality traffic that will get good conversions. Because of that, always mention that you plan to use PPC.

They may also ask you why you use PPC. The best way to answer is to say that it’s really targeted and responsive traffic, and that it allows you to quickly test an offer since it can typically drive traffic to it within hours of you setting up a campaign.

Another typical question you may get is what sort of offer you typically run, and have had the most success with. I usually answer this by saying that I test out several of the network’s popular offers and just go with what converts, and that I do not necessarily stick with any one category of offers. It’s always safe to say that you have had success with email and zip submits, as well as business opportunity and dating offers, as these typically convert well for all networks.

If you have any more detailed questions about getting accepted by the networks, please do not hesitate to contact me. allows you to search for the highest paying offers among all the major CPA networks which seem to be pretty well represented there. If you go to the home page you will see many of the major networks represented alphabetically at the bottom of the page. I’d suggest that you start there.

Here’s a list of reputable networks that I’d recommend applying to: Non-incent: Neverblue)

Incent CPA Networks (Easier To Get Accepted):

In conclusion, we wish you every success in your CPA venture. Remember, your first step is getting approved by a couple of CPA networks (if you’re not already a member in one or several of them), as this will open the gateway to tremendous profits using the methods I outline in this manual at little or no cost! It is worth whatever miniscule trouble or issues you may encounter in order to get accepted by at least several of these networks.

To Your Success,

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