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Easy CPA Marketing System

Easy CPA Marketing System


Welcome to the Easy CPA Marketing System, and don’t be surprised if it is the only one you need. You will find all the most important information on these very pages. Not only will you pick up all the most necessary tips, you will be guided through the archaic process of getting access to the largest email lists, and collaborating with their owners – who will send out your pitch. Of course, that pitch will be read by thousands and receive the most genuine traffic.

You’ll realize how easy it is to truly make the most of your investment, and you will be wondering why you did not find such a jewel sooner!

How are you supposed to set such a lucrative opportunity into motion? Simple, you will need a CPA Affiliate Network account, an account with, only $150 to begin, and a domain name (This one is not necessary, but is helpful).

This is how your earnings may look like


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CPA Marketing Blaster Traffic Part3

Method 3 – The Youtube Robber!

This is a really excellent way to really capitalize on Youtube traffic because besides videos, there is one other type of video that gets a ton of traffic almost effortlessly, and it sells like ice cream on a hot summer’s day! Want to know what it is? Sex! Well, not sex per se, but any videos of a sexy and suggestive nature. Let me clarify on this so that you don’t misunderstand, The videos that get the most views are primarily targeted at the sex-depraved 15-28 year old male demographic, and I saw this firsthand while in college a few years back. They will watch these sexy videos all day long if given half the chance, and will readily take action on free offers that cater to them.

So to summarize, the content and videos that we will be providing are going to be of sexy females (since we are appealing to the young male demographic), and if we target this demographic we cannot fail to get a ton of traffic together with high conversions, as long as we serve up CPA offers to them that are relevant.

Now please don’t jump to conclusions here. You may know bits and pieces of what I’m about to share here, but combining all of this in the sequence and method that I talk about here will result in insanely high CPA commissions that will keep rolling in non-stop! Using one or two elements in isolation may yield some results, but combining it all together is what will make it devastatingly effective. I have used this time and time again to generate daily CPA commissions very quickly and easily.

The best part of this method? Many times I see views and traffic coming within minutes of putting up my videos. This is not something that you implement and wait days for the money to come – the traffic, and therefore the money (with the right CPA offer which I’ll go into more detail later) will result in almost immediate results. When you see the results you cannot fail but to take more action and multiply your efforts even more, I can tell you from experience that it is

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CPA Marketing Blaster Traffic Part2

Method 2 – Youtube Simplicity

Now I realize that there are many, many different ways to make money on Youtube, but I wanted something that was as mechanical and brain-dead as possible, and allowed me to just work at creating and uploading videos without having to worry about complex creation and creativity issues, allowing me to outsource the work if necessary. This method also has the added bonus of generating passive, automated income once it’s set up. It doesn’t require any maintenance or babysitting once you have implemented and deployed it – as the famous saying goes from Ron Popeil who invented the Showtime® Rotisserie & BBQ machine, “Set it and forget it!”

I accidentally stumbled upon this when I realized that it had all the elements of a perfect storm. Youtube has always had a vast number of searches for music (not necessarily videos, as I found out through dumb luck and experience), and the vast majority of these searchers were a demographic group that could be easily monetized with a specific CPA offer, namely people in the 16-25-year-old group that grew up with cell phones and text messaging in their blood.

We have already established the fact that Youtube is a huge juggernaut that now even functions as a search engine. The numbers are quite staggering, as Youtube serves over 4 Billion Videos per DAY, and this equates to over 46,000 views every SECOND! All we need to do is stand in the way of this massive traffic to profit wildly, there is no need to chase traffic when it’s all available on Youtube!

Now that we know where all the traffic is, we need to figure out what sort of videos are among the most popular on Youtube. Many of you will have probably guessed it already, and this is music videos, and the key here is that people weren’t necessarily looking to watch videos, they wanted to listen to the music. I found this out by accident after coming across tons of slideshow-type videos that were combined

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CPA Marketing Blaster Traffic

Method 1 – CPALead Insanity!

This is a huge untapped market that almost no one talks about, and it almost seems like marketers are trying to keep this a well-kept secret that is only known among themselves. I can quite honestly say that I’ve yet to see any real guide about how powerful this network is, and how many ways this can be applied profitably, you’re literally limited only by your imagination and there is ALWAYS new material and developments that can take advantage of profitable! I would be doing you a disservice by not saying that this technique ALONE can be used to make hundreds of dollars (or even more) with almost no out-of-pocket costs!

As I go along, I’ll provide more details about why I think this is an excellent starting point for the CPA newbie who knows very little about how things are done in the CPA world. This is the network that I recommend all newbies join right away – see how my report is already shaping up to be very different from the typical rehashed CPA reports you’ve read before?

What is CPALead?

First of all, let me give you a little background on what this is, as I’m sure many of you have no clue what I’m talking about. What is and why is it so powerful?

CPA Lead is a CPA network that does things quite differently from the other networks that I’m sure you’re familiar with. The most important distinction with CPALead is that it allows incentivization for ALL its offers!

For people who are unfamiliar with what this means, let me explain. Incentivization means that you’re able to give your visitor some incentive (usually some sort of freebie which I’ll go into greater detail

in a while) in exchange for them performing an action (the CPA Offer) which will result in you earning money! For the newbies who may not understand why this is such a big deal, let me explain. The vast majority of CPA networks absolutely frown on any sort of incentivization for the completion of their offers, and trying to do so will get you banned if they find out you’ve been doing it. CPALead allows incentivization across the board for all its offers, so can you see now why this is so powerful, and how it opens up a whole new world that you can exploit creatively (without getting banned)? It also has many payment options – PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer or Check, and is very open to approving non-US publishers.

CPALead does things very differently from your major CPA networks, and I’ll go into detail about what makes it so special and easy to monetize. Firstly, CPALead offers are mostly free for the visitor to complete, and they are short little surveys that typically pay you between $1 and $3 for visitor completion – you choose the payout, which varies according to the offer.

MOST importantly, since CPALead allows incentivization they aren’t as stringent with the application process as most typical networks are. You are pretty much approved as long as you can provide a simple website and domain.

You may have heard of the famous Blackhat Codebreaker script that was developed by Imran Naseem of the Warrior Forum, who then sold it to someone else, It now sells for $67, and it basically does what CPALead does, but you have to search out incentivize offers on the major CPA networks to use it with, and the only major network that I’ve found to have halfway decent incentivize offers is Maxbounty.

CPALead is basically an all-in-one solution that combines a free gateway script to use that is similar to Blackhat Codebreaker AND incentivize survey offers to use! Since this complete solution is provided by the same network, it is completely safe to use, and there are absolutely no worries about getting banned!

Let me quickly explain in more detail how CPALead works. The gateway script is basically a lock for your content. In order to unlock the content, the user must first complete a survey. After joining CPALead, you will be able to generate a snippet of code you can copy and paste into the webpage that you need to protect. The only way users will then be able to access that page is by completing a CPA offer which will make you anywhere from $1 to $2. The offers actually vary between $0.20 and $20, but I suggest you disable all the low paying ones and stick to $1-$2 offers for maximum revenue.

CPALead works well with almost any kind of site, but from my personal experience, I find that it works best when used with TV Sites, Movie Sites, Music Sites, and Game Sites. The reason why it works so incredibly well with content sites like the ones above is because people are always searching for free content of that type on the web, and furthermore there is always new music, games, movies and tv episodes coming out each day, so you have fresh content to offer all the time! This is what the gateway does on your site – it actually locks all content on your page and it opens again only after a visitor has completed one of the surveys.

The awesome thing about this script is that everything is automatic, and offers are shown according to your location (GEO IP). This saves you a lot of hassle as typical CPA network offers are country-specific, and you have to spend a lot of time figuring out what offers to users, and how to redirect visitors to the right offers based on their locations. With CPALead this is all transparent and everything is done automatically for you! For example, US-only offers will be shown solely to visitors from the US and Canada-only offers will be shown only to visitors from Canada. This really maximizes your value per lead as there will be some relevant offer for your visitor to complete, based on where they’re located! In my opinion, this is perhaps the most important feature of CPALead as it frees beginners from having to worry about the source of traffic, and instead just concentrate on getting as much traffic as they possibly can.

Quick Start Approval for CPALead

1) The first thing I suggest you do is to construct a very simple movie website. Before you panic, I want to mention that I’ll be showing you right here how to do it quickly and efficiently! While you can utilize a free blog like, I’d highly recommend that you go with Hostgator’s Baby plan for hosting, and Godaddy for domain names. To get the cheapest price for Godaddy’s domains, just enter this in google to get current coupon codes – “GoDaddy coupon + current month + year”, i.e. “GoDaddy coupon + December + 2018”

2) For the domain name, pick something related to “watch free movies/shows/videos online”, it does not necessarily have to be a .com domain. Next, you want to set up the website with wordpress installed on it. If you’re unsure of this, you can find a ton of quick videos on how to do this on youtube.

3) Find a free basic WordPress Theme to use on your own website to be able to post blog entries about movies/television shows to watch. You want something clean and uncluttered that allows the visitor to focus on what you have to offer. You can find some great free ones over here – and

4) Once you have WordPress installed, start making blog posts on new movie shows and television episodes. Make at least 3-4 posts before applying at CPALead. Use the movie name for the title
or “tv show name season # episode #” for tv shows, as this is a popular search on search engines. Add a movie/tv poster picture for better click-through rates, and a brief description of the movie/episode. Here’s an example of one of the blog posts that I’ve used for the Dark Knight movie below – notice that I am not actually hosting the movie files on my website, I’m just linking to them. You do not want to host movie files or other copyrighted material on your website as it could open you up to liability issues, and besides that

there is the practical aspect of using up a lot of bandwidth and time uploading movies to your host. A great website to link to for all the popular television shows is

This is a great place to get ideas for making blog posts about what’s popular at the moment, and they always seem to have a nice selection of the hottest current shows and blockbusters.

5) After that, you need to do is go to’s publisher application page at:

6)If you get denied for any reason the best thing to do is contact the affiliate manager, preferably by phone (number and extension is listed on the website) if you can. That will usually help to clear things up and get you approved on the spot.

7) I’d suggest that you classify your website under the ‘Video Content’ category and describe it as a movie/tv website blog that provides information and links to current popular movies and television shows.

8) When asked “Please describe how you will get your users to complete our surveys:” just put in that something along the lines of “I will be using the content blocker provided by CPALead, I intend to block the most popular/demanded media on my site and require users to complete a survey.”

9) When asked “Where did you hear about us?” just mention through the web or a friend, it doesn’t really matter. That’s it! You should be approved within 48 hours, and be ready to start earning quickly with CPALead!

Once you are approved, you’ll be given access to the Gateway script that you just copy and paste into your website blog HTML code. In case you’re wondering how the Gateway looks like, here’s an example below. It pops up on your webpage when a visitor tries to access your blog post that contains links to the video content that he or she is searching for.


The CPALead Gateway script as shown above (yours might vary a little from the example above, as you can customize it to your liking) will pop appear and lock your website from further access when a visitor tries to access your blog post that has the link to the show or movie. The visitor will then have to fill out and complete one of the free offers before your blog post content is unlocked.


QuickStart Monetization

Let’s get to the part that I know you all have been waiting for – quick monetization of your site using CPALead! I know that many people may think that this is hard to do, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to get up to speed and acquire 100+ visitors daily in no time at all. There are many ways of getting traffic to your site, but I feel like this is the easiest and fastest way to do so for someone just starting out.

1) The very first thing you want to do is sign up for a free account at

2) Once you have signed up for your account, go back to the homepage and view the “This Week’s Best TV Shows”. It is located in the middle about halfway down the page – I’ve illustrated it below for your convenience.

3) Go to each show’s page and click on “Track” button (see below).

4) Next, you need to go create a new Gateway within CPALead. Be sure to customize it as much as you can. If you want to go all the way, you can even create own skin but it isn’t necessary. Add your Gateway to your site by adding it into the header.php file of your blog site. When you download your Gateway script from CPALead there will be more detailed instructions on inserting this script into your website code. Do a quick check to make sure everything is in order by visiting your website after uploading the Gateway.

5) Go back to Sidereel and click on the ‘My Profile’ tab (make sure that you’re logged in first). Check what shows are on that night and for the coming nights (for those of you who don’t live in the US, please remember that the listings are in Eastern (ET) US time!). On your blog, create posts with the show and episode names in the title. For the body of the post, for now just put in a description for the episode, which you can also get from Sidereel. You can repeat this process for all the top movies at the site

6) Next, you will need something to make a short 1 minute still film, I recommend using Jing or Camstudio or Windows Movie Maker (detailed in Method 3 – Youtube Robber) as they are both free and very easy to use. For each of your shows, create a small video with nothing but a slide of that show. So for example, if I’m using Family Guy, I grab the first picture from Google images of Family Guy and stick it in my video. I then stretch it out for around 30 seconds. Add a slide at the end saying “Sorry, Youtube keeps taking my videos down due to copyright issues. I have re-uploaded it at:”. Keep that last slide playing for at least 20- 25 seconds (about 1 min for the total movie) so that your viewers won’t get distracted and view the other related videos that are presented by Youtube after yours stops playing. You can use a free application like Smilebox to make your slides look more interesting. Instead of the picture slideshow, you can also make a quick 30-second screenshot video of your blog post about the Game of Thrones episode. ALTERNATIVE: you could also upload a movie trailer video

if you can get access to it.

7) If you want to go the extra mile, you can watermark your video with your website URL using a free application like Video Watermark Factory.

8) For your video title, use something like the following:

Watch<Insert Movie Title><Movie Year>Online Free, part 1/8, full-length movie

It doesn’t have to be exactly the way I have described it, just do something similar, you will be fine as long as you keep the words online, free, and movie in the title. For your video description, do not forget to include a link to your blog post (for this particular movie/show), and keyword stuff the description with anything and everything about that particular show. NOTE: your blog post URL is going to be too long to be comfortably inserted in Youtube, I highly recommend using the free link shortener service ; just go there and open up an account so that you can track the clicks coming from your customized link. This service allows you to designate a customized URL for your link, i.e. . You will be given an option to do this after you shorten the link at the site (see below). This sort of URL is a lot more memorable, and will increase your conversions significantly. The way to do this is a bit tricky, so please pay attention to the screenshot below. After you provide the link to to shorten, you will be shown the screen below together with the standard link, which is a bunch of alphanumeric characters after What you need to do next is type in your custom name in the area I’ve circled and click on the ‘Save’ button, and this will give you your custom URL (if it is not already taken). You can always try a different custom name if your first choice is taken.

9) Make sure you save the videos that you created, but DO NOT UPLOAD your videos immediately. What you want to do is wait for the night that the episode is shown, and go back to Sidereel to wait for someone to share the video link for that particular episode. You can also search for it at . Once you have that link, you want to quickly insert it into your WordPress blog post about that episode, and THEN upload your video!

10) NOW Upload your video. If you really want to go all out, you can mass submit your videos to many of the popular video sites using tools like Hey! Spread(free to use) or Video Post Robot. The free traffic should start piling in quickly from the video to your blog, and it should convert really well with the CPALead gateway blocking access

to your blog post, as these people are desperate to view the videos!

11) There will be more shows airing the following night. This is really an unlimited method, like I said before it all depends on how much

effort you want to put into this, do not be afraid to experiment with shows other than the top 10 on Sidereel. With practice you’ll get even better at making interesting Youtube videos, and you’ll get hundreds of visitors clicking through to your blog, where your CPALead Gateway will monetize them like crazy!

If you’d like to do additional promotion, you can get a traffic boost by commenting on other Youtube videos and including a link to your video – just make sure that you’re posting somewhat relevant content, you do not want to appear like a spammer. You can also use the Yahoo Answers “trick” – ask a question from one Yahoo account: where can I watch “insert show” online? Then answer from another Yahoo account with your link, and choose it as the best answer.

This method will only work better over time as your blog gets more optimized for the popular shows that you put up lots of posts on, especially the different episodes of the same television shows. Don’t forget to ping your blog at every time you write a new post. If it is down for some reason (this happens sometimes), then try hIttp:// If you want to do even more, you can also mass social bookmark your blog posts at this site –

The reason it works so well is because people are willing to do almost anything (free) to watch free television episodes and movies. They are typically very happy to spend 1-2 minutes (many times even less) to complete a simple email submit CPA offer or short survey on the CPALead gateway just to be able to view their favorite shows.

This method is really powerful because Youtube, believe it or not, has become a huge search engine where people look for shows, research products, and look for information on just about anything under the sun! As a matter of fact, YouTube surpassed Yahoo according to ComScore’s (a market research firm) search engine rankings several years ago, and has only grown significantly since then, making YouTube sit firmly now in second place, only second to Google. The powerful advantage with Youtube is that it is so easy to optimize for keywords

in comparison with Google, and this makes it incredibly easy to attract targeted traffic as a result without any costs whatsoever!

This method has worked very well for everyone I have taught this to, and you can implement this today (assuming you’re already approved for CPALead) and start seeing results and earnings immediately the very same night! You’re dealing with a very hungry targeted market who really wants what you have to offer, BUT you don’t have to make any kind of sale in order to get paid!


I did not want to overload you with information as there is quite a bit more to CPALead than just movies and shows, but I wanted to emphasize the movie/show method so that I can get you started making money as quickly and easily as possible. You can literally earn hundreds of dollars on the same day that you put up a blog post about a popular movie or television show, and there’s always something new coming up!

The possibilities are really endless because CPALead offers the following options; the description below is taken straight from their website :

CPALead, LLC is a performance-based, online advertising network that develops technologies to promote incentive-based advertisements across niche websites in the following genres:

  • 1) Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG)
  • 2) Virtual Worlds
  • 3) Social Networks
  • 4) Premium Video, Music, eBook and Art Content Sites

• 5) USA Compliant Poker Websites

I know that many of you may be unfamiliar with the other categories, so I’d suggest sticking mainly with (4) unless you have specific knowledge of the other areas. I’d like to touch a little on eBook files and content. If you have good PLR or some interesting public domain ebooks, the CPALead gateway can help you monetize this on a passive basis.

What you want to do is upload the eBook/PLR content to (sign up as a free member) and protect it with your CPALead gateway. You don’t have to do anything else to earn passive income for a long time to come. Every time someone searches and attempts to download your file from there, the CPALead gateway will make them complete one of the offers in order to access the file.

CPALead really has endless possibilities, just try to brainstorm about in-demand content that there are a lot of searches for on the web, and then provide it to the people (locked with the CPALead gateway, of course!) This simple premise can earn you $200+ daily with minimal effort and with free traffic. There are some people that choose to go crazy with this and also use paid traffic, but that is entirely optional and not really necessary, especially if you consistently put up videos on a daily basis.


Make an Appointment (CPA Coaching)

Do you need custom CPA training tailored specifically for your needs? contact me and I'll get back to you with more details. SKYPE ID: HatimHattaOfficiel


Make Money Online with CPA Marketing Using LinkedIn

We don’t want to bore you with our details. Let’s just put this way, me and Gowtham have been doing IM for a while and have been making a very comfortable earning. Today we are here to share one of our very successful methods and the best thing is that it can’t really saturate. If you are creative enough, you are sure to bank hard with this method.

You could see proofs of traffic, earning for some our campaigns and let me tell you, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is one of our important revenue streams (along with our offline ventures). So we can guarantee that this works, but you need to take action.

Our Linkedin Cash Machine Blueprint provides both FREE & Paid Method to generate revenue through CPA, Product Sales and even custom services using the Worlds No 1 professional platform – LinkedIn.

If you are a newbie, please read the whole guide and if you are already making money or comfortable with CPA, Linkedin then feel free to skip in between.

For those who are new to CPA, we have given a broad overview of CPA and tips to get approved, if you need more information on CPA, there are some great WSO are available in this forum and the search is your friend.

We have used an example of the method to get a better understanding and reasons behind making certain choices.

Please understand that this is a methodology and like any methodology, you should make small twists to suit your campaigns.

We don’t believe in too much fluff and backstories, so straight to the point……

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$1k+ Per Day With CPA Marketing

Getting Accepted

Here are excellent tips for helping you land that first big CPA network!

One of the best ways to land a great CPA network you can use is to first realize that direct communication is what the account managers are looking for.

You must submit your application first. This should be done during the week because weekends are not considered the best time to look over applications by the management.

Your next step is to locate the best number and person to speak with about your application. You can find these numbers on the website of the CPA homepage under contact us or the list of CPA managers all sites have.

There is an accepted protocol when dealing with CPA managers. When you speak with them remember that they are concerned with time and money. Speak to a manager about your application and then say:

I just sent my application on (day) and I would like to get my account approved as soon as possible. I plan to start a campaign within the next week.”

The manager will then ask you some questions: Manager: “How do you intend on promoting our offers?”

You: “I currently use PPC, banner ads, email to my own list and some offline promotion techniques that work well.”

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Learn and Earn With Dominating CPA Marketing Part2

Learn and Earn With Dominating CPA Marketing part2. Make your first $100 in just 3 hours. INSTANT Untapped Traffic Source – Start Earning Withing a Minutes!! Over 721.29 daily on AUTOPILOT


1. Module #1 – Three Hot CPA Marketing Tricks

2. Module #2 – Have a website? Earn over $843.21 daily on AUTOPILOT

BONUS MODULEGenerate Instant Regular Traffic for your CPA Offers

I know this is about CPA Marketing but I have seen people ask this question a lot of times from me – Where do we get people to promote? And I am going to answer just that. I think this would be one of its kind CPA ebook Course, that actually tells you how to get traffic as well.

So, even though there are a lot of ways to generate solid, consistent and high performing traffic, I would want to focus on the one that worked amazingly for me. That is INSTAGRAM.

Now before you start going all crazy, let me tell you I won’t be going into very in-depth with this method. If you are looking to learn about “Instagram Marketing and How to Generate Unlimited Traffic” you can check out my other ebook here :

Now getting into the details, I would be talking about a completely FREE method of unlimited Traffic and a method if you have $10-$20 to spare. So, let’s get to it.

Learn and Earn With Dominating CPA Marketing part2



Now, the first step would be getting yourself a business Instagram account and complete your profile. Make sure you fill out each and every important detail on your profile and have an attractive bio.

Then, you need to make your first post. Usually, you would want it to be an image related to the product you are promoting. Have an image with huge text on it with something like “Free Coupon Code for $100” or something. Make sure the text is legible and easy to read.

Next, you would want to use the perfect filters for maximum exposure, because if you didn’t know already, Instagram filters affect highly in your online presence. And finally, you would want to use proper tags to promote it to as many people as you can. Now, tags are an essential part of your post, so you make sure that you use the high performing and high converting tags. You would probably want to use something like to get more relevant tags for your post.

I highly recommend checking out the WSO I mentioned above if you are more interested in gaining free unlimited traffic, where I go in-depth about all these things.

Next, when you post your first image, chances are based on the niche you chose, and the number of tags you added to your image, you would start seeing likes and follows in a few seconds.


Don’t just stop there. Interact with the people who like and follow you back. Direct message them telling them about the offer and how they are missing on a huge opportunity.

I can guarantee you that if you do this right, you can start seeing sales in just a few seconds. In the Instagram Marketing course, I talk about a few different methods of free traffic generation with Instagram, so I highly recommend you check it out to maximize your earnings.

Say, for example, you can gain around 150 active followers after 15 days (10 each), and then you post a free download offer, add the perfect tags and so on. Say your Instagram conversion rate is around 20%

Total followers – 150
Conversion rate – 20%
Total people access the free download – 20% of 150

– 30 Commission per download by CPA Advertiser – $20

Total Commission – $600


Read About: Best Affiliate Marketing training

As you can see, in just 15 days of work you can earn $600 promoting only one product. And Instagram is like a massive traffic generator. People will keep liking and interact with images even days after they are posted.

So, after 6 months, when you can have 1800 followers (10 each) and around 15% conversion rate, you can just post one image, and expect to make more than $1000 with a single post.

Because even if the CPA is $5, you are still getting a conversion of (15% of 1800) 270 people. That is $1350 in total.



Now, let’s say you have around $20 to spare for traffic. You can instantly earn 10 or even 100 times more than that if you invest it in the right place.

Look for Instagram pages, who have over 100,000 followers in your niche. If you check their description they clearly mention their email id for business inquiries. Email them regarding your product offer and ask them their price per post.

You would be surprised, pages with around 100,000 followers charge as low as $15 for a complete day of promotion on their page.

Check their conversion rates, and see how well their every post performs. Chances are you would notice, each page getting around 10,000 or more likes. That is around 10% conversion rate.

So, imagine if you promote a product, that has only $2 CPA. Lets again do some math.

Total page likes – 100,000
Conversion – 10% that is 10,000/post on an average Promotional Charges – $20/post

CPA offer you are promoting – $2
Your post’s conversion rate – 8% that is 8,000 people. (Instead of 10,000) Total commission from 8000 conversions – $16,000


Now check it out again, and tell me if you think I am bluffing. There are a lot of pages in your niche, that has around that many followers and likes. Go ahead and check for yourself.

Again, I would highly recommend that you check out my other “Instagram Marketing” WSO to learn more in-depth about these tricks and how to reach up to 6-figure income on autopilot with Instagram.


Bing Adverts!

Again if you have some funds to spare on advertising, then I would highly suggest going for Bing adverts. Its similar to Google advertising, just a lot cheaper than that.

I won’t go into a lot of details on how you can use Bing adverts, but you can find a lot of free information about it on the web and even some very good WSOs about it.


Module #1Three Hot CPA Marketing Tricks

Learn and Earn With Dominating CPA Marketing part2

Now, I hope you liked the traffic generation method that I mentioned above with Instagram. Its FREE, competition proof, and is highly UNTAPPED traffic.

So, let’s talk about a few tricks that could help you maximize the potential of your CPA marketing campaign.

Make the Best Use of Festivals

You need to make sure that you offer the best benefits when buyers and customers are willing to pay anything and any amount. Christmas, Halloween, or any particular festival in a particular country that you are promoting in; make sure you use the time of festivals.

People are always willing to purchase new products during this time so make sure you multiply your earnings in these times.

Yahoo Answers / Quora

How many times did you google a question, and landed on yahoo answers or maybe quora for an answer? There are a lot of niche-specific question boards that you can use to promote your offers. Try to make them sound as natural as you can. Don’t just go ahead and paste the link then and there and call it a day, because even though that “MIGHT” work, but chances are they would usually go unnoticed. Give some value to the people you are helping out. Answer their question and then be like “Do you know, I just came across this and maybe it would help you out”. Answer around 5-10 questions daily and you would have a regular income source since people would visit those questions and hence go through your answer days or even months after you post the answer.

Be Professional about it

Now, even though the payment range might sound like a part-time job, you must take it seriously. Because bit by bit, it might grow amazingly to a full-time income. I have seen people use just the three CPA networks I mentioned in part 1 of this CPA Marketing and combine it with the Instagram Marketing Method, and earn up to $3500/month on AUTOPILOT. They are still keeping it part-time and have kept everything on Autopilot, and they think if they would want to focus on this full time, they can easily earn around $10-11k/month easily.

At this point, you might have had a good understanding of what CPA is, what networks are the best and most reliable and how to generate traffic for your CPA Offers.
The steps up to this point should be enough for you to start making a living online with CPA affiliate marketing, but if you want to take it up a notch, you can start with your own landing page website and multiply your income quite a bit.

The majority of internet marketers out there think that because CPA offers are very easy for people to take action they just don’t really care about using high-quality selling techniques that are also used for promoting paid products. CPA is really pretty easy for people to act on but they won’t do it if they don’t have an actual reason to do it no matter what. So, there must be something of value that you should be giving in.

Now at this point, you can use a very powerful method of “Pre-Selling”. What made you decide to buy this ebook. The sales letter and the values you learned that this book is going to provide. That is a way of “Pre-selling” a product. All the sales letters out there you are reading, they tell you why this product benefits you and why you shouldn’t waste any more time before just going ahead and buying it.

Same goes for CPA affiliate marketing. If you can create a landing page (a suggestion would you might want to spend some time gathering a bit of solid content researched about the particular offer you are aiming to promote.

There are some readily available landing page designs available on the internet (free/paid) so all you need to search for is “Landing page HTML download” and you would have a variety to choose from.


Check this out: WordPress Website Design


You would want to make sure that the landing page lists the features of that particular offer you are promoting (it is okay to exaggerate it a bit) and then have a big button saying something like “Join in” or something that forces the user to take some action, which would then lead them to the offer page.

Now, you might ask, “Ansh, why would I spend time and money doing this, when I already have Instagram and other promotion techniques that are making me a lot already?”
Well, you are right, but it opens a lot of advertising options and even increases the conversion rate by a lot. Heck, you can even use this new landing page for your Instagram marketing. The benefit would be, that if you lead the followers directly to the offer page, chances are they might skip it after they read it. But if you lead them to a landing page which explains the offer nicely, it increases the conversion rate literally double/triple the amount it already is.

Secondly, it maintains a trust factor for you or your brand. When you explain a product and lead them to the offer page, you can even try and contact the brand itself and ask for a hike in your commissions since you are a high performing traffic source for them.


Read About: Best E-commerce Training


Also, google backlinks are one major thing that helps you a whole lot as well. When you get so many traffic from Instagram or from email marketing to your landing page, Google starts ranking your page higher for those particular keywords slowly, because backlinks are a major factor on deciding your page ranking. So, without much effort, you can get google traffic on your page and hence your CPA offer on autopilot.

Now, if you would remember few sections ago, I mentioned taking part in questions boards like yahoo answers and Quora. You can also do the same thing with forums related to your niches and being active on it and adding your website to your signature. This still works and that too amazingly, because question boards and forum posts stay active, months or even years after they have been asked or posted. So, if you post a valuable comment once, and you can be sure that it would generate you mild traffic for a long time. Keep doing it on a regular basis with your website on your signature to increase this passive income source.

Let us again do some realistic math.

Let me share a realistic scenario of a CPA affiliate last month. He combined my Instagram Marketing method and used his own paid traffic (facebook/ AdWords etc) methods on his landing page…


He can easily get around 1000 hits daily on his landing page combining these free and paid methods. His reports showed that it converted at 35% for him. (A larger percentage because the paid traffic converts almost on a 50+ percentage)

So total visitors daily – 1000
Conversion rate – 35% that is 350 people convert daily.
CPA offer commission – $2.471/action
Total Commission – $2.471*350 = $864.85
Paid on Facebook and Google AdWords daily – $21.64
Total Average Earnings Daily on Autopilot – $843.21
Monthly Commissions with CPA Marketing – $25,296 approx



So, I hope you can clearly see the power of CPA Affiliate Marketing. So, what are you waiting for…

1) Register on the CPA networks right away
2) Create your Instagram profile and complete it by the time (Read my Instagram Marketing ebook to learn how to master that)
3) Select a niche to promote and start promoting it.
4) Earn your first $100 in 3-4 days and invest in a domain and landing page 5) Start multiplying the income to $100/daily
6) Invest in paid advertising with Facebook and Google Adwords and other ad networks to maximize the potential
7) Sit back and enjoy your CPA affiliate campaign making you a 5-figure income/month on AUTOPILOT

Hope you find these tips and tricks useful and have huge success with CPA marketing and making a full-time business online.


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CPA Marketing From Zero To Hero Part 2

CPA Marketing From Zero To Hero


What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA Marketing From Zero To Hero Part 2. In fact, CPA marketing is a lead generation platform whereby people are getting paid to generate leads. CPA Marketing has been hugely popular in the last few years because more companies are trying to capture online sales and realize lead generation can be massively profitable. They are willing to pay you and me handsomely for these leads so it is our job to effectively get the leads ourselves and then sell them to these companies. Of course, this process is streamlined and much easier than I probably made it sound!

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CPA Marketing From Zero To Hero

CPA Marketing From Zero To Hero


What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA Marketing From Zero To Hero. In fact, CPA marketing is a lead generation platform whereby people are getting paid to generate leads. CPA Marketing has been hugely popular in the last few years because more companies are trying to capture online sales and realize lead generation can be massively profitable. They are willing to pay you and me handsomely for these leads so it is our job to effectively get the leads ourselves and then sell them to these companies. Of course, this process is streamlined and much easier than I probably made it sound!

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